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November 23, 2009


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Gillian R

Thank you for a beautifully written piece. Made me smile and be quite wistful too. The 'tiny years' are so short. Suddenly-wham-they are 23 and 21. I know that you will make the most of every year. Lucky children to have such a Mama.


So beautiful... Good luck and congrats!

Mary Anne

I can hear him singing it now....awwwww......

2xs the fun is almost begun!

Mary Anne

Regan Dulin

Aimee, I have tears in my eyes as I write this...I had the same concern of would I love BB #2 as much as my first. I was so worried, I asked my mother what happens when the second one arrives, because I could not fathom loving another little being as much as I loved my Ethan. Here is what she told me (keep in mind she is an accountant): "Your love will not be divided in two, it won't be simply added. Your love will grow exponentially, beyond what a normal n^2 should be." Sounds kind of analytical, but the truth is, her words have proven true. The love I have for my now 3 boys is beyond anything I can describe. I love them all uniquely, but all equally at the same time. You will understand what that means in the near future. They all will have that special something, but you won't ever be able to pick a favorite. You love like I do...wholeheartedly. God Bless, I will pray for your safe delivery next week and can't wait for pics of BB.


i love how each step in your life just is. it is amazing how we learn and grow into ourselves, right?

i remember before i had the twins that i worried so much about how it would go, how would we ever figure out how to do two? and then they were here and it was like they seamlessly entered our hearts, equally, nothing to really figure out in the love dept, just is. every other dept may still remain a challenge, but not the love. that always just is.

you are going to love having children, it is an amazing thing to watch them become, side by side, always family but oh so very different.

sending good baby birthing vibes. amiee


Hurry up Tuesday!!

Kim B.

Beautiful piece. And you're right, these "titles" can feel bizarre! And I don't have nearly as many as you! Fun reflections.

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