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December 17, 2009


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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby and thanks for sharing her. I'll try to remember those days and nights hunkered down with a new baby, but mine are teenagers now and those snuggly days seem so far in the past.

La Rêveuse

Thanks for this little window into your world right now. Love all the news and the new header, too. And thankful the burrito is working--it saved our lives with Rowan. And no colic, Yay!!!

Love you, hon. :)


Congratulations Aimee and Julien and Max ...she looks adorable. I agree, if you can, sleep when she does, always works, even if it is a catnap...Swaddling always worked for mine, we are talking a long long time ago, and when my grandchildren came along and they didn't settle, that is what I did..Swaddled them up, and they were comfy, warm and settled.


I am so glad you are well- albeit tired:) Your daughter is beautiful! How do you pronounce her name? It is great that Max has adjusted so well. The snow is beautiful and a sweet memory of your mother in Kansas:)


You gotta stop making me cry! Seriously. STOP! It's embarrassing. I am so far past postpartum I can't even use that as an excuse.

I'm glad you're doing okay. Those first few days (ok, fine, months) are so hard. But your husband sounds wonderful and your son is so incredibly sweet.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


What a sweet family you have. xo


"I felt like it was a little wink from Omma saying hello"

Of course it was--so glad you recognize it
Alixe is beautiful. Very happy for you.

Mary Anne

holy cow...well, we have a foot of snow(really) and the drifts are bigger than Sarah(really)and there is more coming in the morning! I guess I had better start baking your mom's apple pie and Aunt Susie's cookies! ;) Sounds like all is going well...make sure you do sleep...and yep, they are going to be different...sounds like you two are getting to know each other well...she is a lucky little girl to have such an insightful momma...
love you lots,
Mary Anne


Happy birthday, omma. Sending much love.


Beautiful post, Aimee! I love the new blog banner!


I miss the snow (and cold) this year, too. Its my first winter not in Kansas as we just moved to Austin this last September. I can't wait to drive home next week as there is the promise of snow for Christmas!


This post makes me so excited to come visit you! I sort of hope it snows while I am there. I can't wait to meet Alixe, she looks so sweet.

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