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January 07, 2010


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That's just lovely.

I'm sure both Alixe and Max will appreciate these notes when they're older.

The Bold Soul

I'm probably going to paraphrase this the wrong way, but I seem to remember hearing somewhere that when you have kids, the kids you get are there as your teachers. Sometimes they'll be easy and/or like you, sometimes they'll be the opposite and make you nuts. But either way, they've got lots to teach their parents (as much if not more than the parents will teach the kids over the years). Sounds to me like you've decided to just relax about the not sleeping (as best you can, anyway) and see what Alixe has to teach you. Kudos!

P.S. I suspect my theory, above, applies also to people like me who have "inherited" some step-kids. Wow, are they ever teaching me things about myself. I thought I was a pretty patient person before, but there are moments my patience is being tested to the limits. :)


She is so beautiful. Your proud-mamaness seeps through your words.
Enjoy. Soak it all up.


You have a such a great attitude. My second was a bad sleeper too and I remember feeling so miserable at first. I never had the attitude you have though. I felt really, really sorry for myself instead. You are so right to find the bright side and work to discover what works for her and you. Good for you.

She is absolutely beautiful and so is your son. And so are you! I love the self-portrait on your flickr page.


Bonne fête Alixe !


Have you tried babywearing? And I mean with a sling or a wrap, not a babybjorn. My very colicky baby would only sleep in one. I did end up wearing her A LOT, but at least it kept her quiet. Let me know if you want to know more!

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