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January 09, 2010


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Mary Anne

comfort for both...:) love you guys!

La Rêveuse

Love you four. Smart decision, Mama. (((les O-G's)))


Aimee, you are such a good mama. And so inspiring for future mamas, too! Plein des bisous!


You are the best Mom! Beautiful picture.

Annie @ PhD in Parenting

My parenting motto is when in doubt, more cuddles (and ice cream and movies don't hurt either!). The transition to two can be tough, but so worthwhile too. The sibling moments to come will melt your heart.


sounds like you did just fine. what a sweet sweet boy you have. we love the toy story round these parts and many a time in meltdown mode, i find us sitting with a treat and a movie. hugs, aimee, and happy new year.

The Bold Soul

Just going with the flow. Sounds perfect to me!


Aw, that's sweet. It is hard to go back and forth, but sooooo worth it when the second baby is a little bit older and they seek each other out and want to be together. All that love you are teaching them now will come back later when they show it to each other.


You sound like an amazing maman.

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