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January 15, 2010


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Stick with the exercise routine, it WILL make you happier.

La Rêveuse

Meh. Stick with the chocolate routine. Your brain muscle needs fuel. :) Love you.


Take the baby for a walk for some exercise. I know its winter but bundle her up and walk. The fresh air will do you both some good.


People always have words of advice, right? I say, you are doing just fine. From the sound of it, you are doing better than fine, beautiful Mama.

sorry about the dairy. :(

My open roads

tell me about it, I STILL feel tired and my little guy is already 8 months old! First 6 months were a complete write off as much as energy goes... but it does get better, slowly, as you know. :) When the body is asking for some down time, it's gotta be done, even though it's hard to go from running around to staying low like that, life does regain speed with time. :) Hope you start feeling more energetic soon.
Your girl is just too cute! :)


The third one is different. You learn a lot from the second baby, especially when she's more difficult than the first (as was my case), and by the third, you feel on top of the world. I'm expecting number 3 in April (number 2 was born about a month before Max) and I'm actually looking forward to the challenge. I feel like I am prepared and can handle anything. It's also that I'm so looking forward to babywearing again, I actually hope that she gives me lots of opportunities.

You're doing a great job. I understand the need to get back in shape, but let yourself rest, you need it. Definitely try babywearing all over the city, everywhere you go - you will get in shape. It will keep you hands-free and if you use a wrap, it's easy, easy on your back.


Accept this transition for what it is. Don't push it or yourself. If your body needs to do this to recover from the pregnancy and the sleepless nights, then try not to be disappointed. Let it go. If you stress about it, you may just find yourself going down the tangled path to depression.

The adage is it takes 9 months to put the weight on, 9 months to take it off.

I won't bore you any further. This advice is not from me but from a different horse's mouth (A book called "Transitions" that I'm sure you would be too tired to read right now if I had it to lend you... :-) (I was so impressed I lent it out to someone already)).

Take care. Keep cool.

And holy crap is your kid cute! You really know how to make 'em!


We have a date to play tennis once you are ready!


Take it easy, Mama. You sound just like me after each baby, especially my 3rd. Right now it's all about survival. <3
By the way, I linked to your flickr account on my piddly little blog yesterday. I didn't think you'd mind..I don't get much traffic but have a couple friends that I knew would love your pictures.


taking the attitude of focusing on what makes you feel good? boy-howdy, that's the ticket! hey, and don't underestimate the impact of sleep deprivation on mood and functioning, either.


Oh- I definitely get it! Except its about 9 months that I've been waiting to have enough energy... Going out for a nice long walk (when its warm enough)has been good for both Georgia and me because it gives me a bit of a boost and, although she won't sleep in her stroller, she just passes out once we get home.

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