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March 15, 2010


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Oh Yes!! I trapped my son's fingers in his wardrobe door yesterday. I also banged his head on the door frame when he was about 3 months old. He's 10months now. You're a brilliant mum, don't worry.


my 3 month old cousin fell off a table while i was changing him...and he landed on his head. He's a year old now and perfectly normal ;) These things happen

Emma in London

Meh - I'm sure they'll both be fine. My parents dropped by carry cot upside down to the floor at the airport when I was newborn. I lived to tell the tale! Love the new blog header btw.


Boy, have I ever! Too many to count. Seems like with each of my 3 children I've had at least ONE of those scary moments. Anna Sofia's baby seat flipped off the kitchen table once when she was 4 months, she wasn't strapped in and I FREAKED OUT. I can still see her hitting that floor. Pure horror! She was perfectly fine which is a miracle but, whew, yes, I was shaken (still am in retelling it, 4+ years later).

Thanks for being honest about the not-so-pretty side of parenting. It is so disappointing that more women aren't.

Carrie S.

Oh yes! Too many too count.

La Rêveuse

I had to knee Rowan to get her into her carseat today because she was freaking out so bad about going to the doctor to look at her chapped lips. Then the doctor made me feel like an overreacting mother and just told me to put vaseline on it. Rowan yelled, "Mommy, that hurts!"

It was not my best moment.

So yeah. You have nothing to worry about. Love you.


Oh yes, ha ha. But that was before Twitter.

With my first, as I was trying to see if his carseat would attach to the stroller (never worked, btw) he fell face first in the carseat onto a marble floor. I still shudder in the retelling of it.

Just the other day my oldest was puking his guts up in the car and all over everything in (and out of) range while my younger son screamed bloody murder. I shouted "ENOUGH!!! PLEASE JUST SHUT UP!" A road worker came over to make sure I hadn't completely lost my mind. That was a pretty good parenting moment right there. Ha ha.

Luckily, all these things get mixed up with the good days and average out to pretty decent. When your kids are older they won't remember it, as long as you don't bring it up. You'll remember though. So just try not to remind them.

The Bold Soul

Georges just told me when his daughter was little, he was up near Abbesses doing some shopping, and had her on his shoulders and his hands full with sacks of groceries. Of course, the inevitable happened and she lost her balance and started to fall. He managed to partially catch her to slow her downward progress, but she DID hit the ground rather roughly. He said he felt like the worst papa in the world and like all the people around him were judging him.

She, on the other hand, didn't even cry. And she doesn't remember a thing now. You're human. And you're doing a great job with your kids. Sometimes, poo happens.

The Bold Soul

Also, in reading all your other comments, it's clear this kind of stuff happens to everyone who is spending time around kids. I have often wondered if my own mother ever dropped us on our heads or something like that; she'd probably never admit it to us if she did! But I DO know she SMOKED when she was pregnant with me: it was 1960-61 and just before scientists had really figured out that you shouldn't smoke when you're pregnant. But I was born at a whopping 8lbs. 9oz. and "low birth weight" (or "low adult weight" for that matter) was not an issue. My sister was born 2 years later, by which time she knew NOT to smoke, so she didn't, and my sister was born with some health issues including heart murmur and faulty valve. So who really knows?

I do think your candor is very healthy, though, for you and for your readers. Just proves you're not alone!


Oh.. so many times! She'll be fine, you'll be fine. Big hugs.


Once when she was 4 months old, I looked away and she rolled off the changing unit; twice when she was 6 and then 9 months I looked away and she fell headfirst off the bed and onto the hardwood floor. It happens!


Just wanted to say that I want to be more like you. Not you as Aimee per se, but you as a wife, a mother, a friend, a business owner, a hard-working individual. I really want what you have, two gorgeous kids and a very handsome and loving husband. Of course, I already have the handsome and loving live-in boyfriend, I can only hope that the marriage and the kids and the family life you've got will swing into my life too :)
Next time I'm in Paris, I'll definitely come and have lunch at your tea house. Happy baptism and birthday to Alixe and Max!

Mary Anne

Yep...took katy to the er once, cause I shut her ankle in the vans sliding door...yep, pretty sure they were thinking about calling CPS on the crazy mother who tried to amputate her baby's foot...not the mention the numerous time I have told them all to "shut up"(usually in the freakin van...) or did other not so great mommy things...Tom has fallen down our stairs with all three at least once...
stuff happens....

(but I will say that my individual sealed compartments idea for vans would be stellar and end lots of bad mommy moments in our family!)

Mary Anne

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