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April 21, 2010


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Mai Weston

I totally went through the same thing with my son Mateo (now 18 months). He woke up every 1-2 hours to nurse for the first 6 months. I was so miserable. I finally used the cry-it-out method. Thank goodness for noise-cancelling headphones! In retrospect, I was so foggy from the sleep deprivation that I have very few memories of those first 6 months. All those precious new-mother moments (I'm sure I had them) are faded and hazy.

Not much consolation, but I guarantee it will not go on forever. That first time you get a decent sleep you will feel like a new (human) person! Did Max not do this? That's baby Karma. If you get one easy one, then you must also have one tough one! Bonne chance!

Jennifer Engle

Your hair looks great! But I am really sorry about the sleepless nights. That's how it was for us with our second and it was really, really hard. Actually, the first was like that too, but I could co-sleep since I did not have my own business or another baby at the time.

The second time around we tried a method around six months. I still feel bad thinking about it (it involved a lot of crying) (on everyone's part) but it worked. It took a couple months to stick, but the kid sleeps great now and I think it saved my life.


I totally feel you on this post. I was there feeling hazy fighting off the blues that strike when I am not well rested. Add being sick and busy to that and yeah, recipe for disaster. At least you recognize it and are getting through it as best you can. Kudos to you! xo (gorgeous pictures, as always)


ahhh, yep....
a familiar memory.....katy never slept great for the first 6 months at least...and chasing the bigs around the world that first year while meeting her needs was tough...and I wasn't working...hang in there, and yeah, take the pics, but don't worry...someday there will be time to sort organize and edit...they will move away some day for college...(at least that is what I keep thinking when I can't get anything done...)

love you
Mary Anne

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