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July 29, 2010


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So glad to see your blog back - but sorry to hear that Alixe still isn't sleeping for you. I totally understand as Moira was the same way. Hopefully what you need to hear is: it does get better. Because it does.

Have a wonderful vacation!


i pop in on a daily basis...read the post last night at about midnight (usa time) and didn't notice any mistakes at all....we take you as you are and anyway you come....no mistakes, just you at any given moment...one tired mom. wife . business owner. girl...stay as you are.... "mistakes" and all!! g


So happy to see your blog updated today! I enjoy reading your blog very much.

Have a fun vacation with the family!


i'm so excited for you that les vacances are just are the corner! Belle Ile looks gorgeous - i love the photos of the coast. i grew up with the ocean in my backyard - i miss it every single day here in Paris. and it makes my heart ache a bit to think that our future children may not grow up with that...i don't really feel completely me without the water.

Alixe cracks me up! she looks adorable in her Belle Ile shirt. serious indeed - i'm so curious to see how her personality develops.

have a beautiful time!!

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