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April 19, 2011


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Dude, have another baby and you CAN get a discount card--famille nombreuse--which ROCKS! (OK, the discounts rock, the whole having-a-third-child thing? not so much ;°)
And I wholeheartedly agree about trains. LOVE them!


Doc- :) For now, we're good with two. Alixe is handful! Let's see how J &I survive two. After she turns three or maybe four maybe we'll think about it..... :)


The pictures of your trip are lovely! Your children are so beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog. Someday I would love to go to Paris. Someday. . . :)


My favorite picture book ever, Aimee!


Your new look that I saw on Twitter is gorgeous! A spring hair cut feels great, huh?


He has grown since I first read your blog. especially since you were pregnant....
Have put you on my google reader so I can keep up with you more often.....


Oh, how I miss you. Thank you for taking me along on your trip! (((Aimee)))


You can have a discount card: the card enfant+ is a Godsent when you are traveling with children... You buy it for one child (70 euros) and 4 accompanying adults get between 50% and 25% off on the regular price. The child ticket is also halved (from 50%). If the child is under 4, the child does not pay, but gives the discount to the adults and has a seat (which you don't get if you buy a regular ticket. It is like in the airplane, it is a lap baby). And all the tickets are refundable and exchangeable (as opposed to Prem's or reduced fares). The only condition is that the child must travel with you.

Anyway, look into it, we love it!!!! Hope you like it too :-)


Here is the link

Beats having a third kid for the carte famille nombreuse... :-)

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