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June 02, 2011


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good for you for taking the time to just be with them both. It is amazing how fast things seem to go with two.

no advice on the sleeping front...


You're so right that these moments are fleeting. I'm in shock that my first "baby" will be 15 next month. How the heck did that happen? I wish I had advice for you in the sleep department. Unfortunately, we stink at that! Anna Sofia still ends up in our bed almost every night. Isn't that crazy? I keep telling myself it'll pass just as it did with her big sisters. :)


I used to share a room with my sister and mom would let us chat a bit while we get to bed and then when she turns the light off, we have to be quiet. It kinda works ... of course we do start whispering ... :) but usually one of us would drift off to sleep soon after.


Erm, no advice here! Some nights they are sleepy and it's easy. Other nights it's harder. The way you describe Max laughing, which only goads her on, is so familiar to me! My two are the same way.


Here's my advice (I shared my bedroom with my 2 youngest brothers for short periods of time when they were young, as the one moved out the other moved in...ahh, life with 4 kids in a 3 bedroom house):

Let them talk and whatnot. I second the "quiet time" comment above, because it keeps them from banging around. However, one will fall asleep and the other will follow soon after (out of sheer lack of having someone to amuse). Kids seem to rail against being told to go to bed, but will wear themselves out quite quickly if left to their own devices. As long as they're quiet and not disturbing you, it should work. And it won't kill them if this means one falls asleep on the floor in front of the toy box... they quickly learn that means waking up sore!

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