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July 18, 2011


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Oh, honey. Poor Max. I am glad he's on the mend. Hoping Alixe doesn't get it. Give him a hug for me.


aw, poor Max and poor mama! I'm glad he's on the mend - I remember the chicken pox as a kid and they really are the worst. I hope Alixe escapes them!


He got it pretty bad! I hope he will feel 100% back soon. My son had very few poxes on the face. Most of them were in his mouth and lips and also according to the doctor in the throat, which is very painful apparently, but it has the advantage of not being an issue with scabbing. If it is on the face, maybe it is worth putting some cream that helps the skin heal (I usually don't like to use anything, but I might consider it in this case). I didn't put anything on the few poxes on my son's face, since they were not as bad, and I think just one (the worst one) left a tiny mark.


PS: at least, it is nice to know that Max can enjoy the lovely July weather we are having without worrying about scabs :-)


My first French doctor did not recommend the vaccine...but our new one did and we just gave it to him today! So hopefully we won't have this problem. He is supposed to get a booster in a few years. But it is a standard vaccine in the US. I remember getting them when I was 7 and it was 3 weeks of hell. So if there is a vaccine why not?

Aimee - PutYourFlareOn

TN - the vaccine is not openly offered here like in the US. We were going to try to get Alixe vaccinated but missed the window of opportunity to do it. Btw, if your child is exposed to the Varicella virus to avoid a break out you must get the vaccination 3-5 days after exposure to the virus. It happened over the Bastille Day weekend and we missed our chance because the Peds were on vacation. Sigh.

Oh well. Repeat for us a few weeks for us while we are on vacation at the beach.

PuNk rAwK pUrL

poor kiddo! he's still a handsome little dude... even with the pox!
I had them twice as a kid, even though that is supposed to be impossible.
wishing you all a continued speedy recovery. xoxox


Poor little sweetheart! Glad he is on his way back to health. Two of my sisters had the chicken pox as teens (I had it as a baby) and it is truly miserable to witness. I feel for you! xo BTW, They both healed beautifully. No scars.


My generaliste doctor who I trust and have gone to since I am 6 recommended against the vaccine because he says there is evidence it pushes the disease into the adult age. The ped in France and in the US wanted to have it done. In the end, there was always some reason why it was a bad idea to get the vaccine (he was sick, we were away, whatever) and the kid ended up getting it.


Hugs to Max and you!! I hope Alixe gets a light case (but effective enough to give her immunity). I've heard that 18 months-ish is actually a pretty good age to have chicken pox. Lucy was exposed a couple of months ago just before we went on vacation, but she didn't come down with it.

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