Keeping busy as we drive across France.
Belle Ile en Mer

We've arrived...

We arrived in Quiberon early and were able to visit the beach for a quick dip of our feet into the ocean before our ferry to Belle Ile. Julien and Max were able to explore while Alixe and I stayed shaded from the sun. Alixe's skin is still fragil due to the chicken pox so we will be staying indoors for a few more days to be safe.

Plage de Quiberon

The boat ride from Quiberon to Le Palais was perfect. One of the best ones I can remember. The air was crisp but not too cold. The salt in the air refreshing. I must have been born on a boat in another life. There is nothing like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with the sea air blowing in your face. I can't get enough of it.

On the boat to Belle Ile. I love the trip from Quiberon to Belle Ile because there is a moment when we are in between the continent and Belle Ile where you can't see land on either side. It's only for a couple minutes but it's so exhilarating the feeling of being out to sea. Nothing surrounding you but the big blue. All this coming from a Kansas girl. The ocean was hard to come by growing up.

Bye, bye Quiberon!
This is Maximilien's fourth visit to Belle Ile. I hope he will have vivid memories of our summer trips here.

On y est presque!
The view of Belle Ile as we approach the port city of Le Palais. The family house is over to the left near the tip of the island.

Belle Ile! Arriving to Le Palais is always exciting. Today we were lucky to have Julien's brother waiting for us at the port. Seeing people wave at you as the boat arrives is really fun. I enjoy spending early mornings at Le Palais having coffee and watching the boats arrive.

Arriving at Le Palais! Can you spot Ton Ton Lorin?
View of the ocean from Le Palais.
It was high tide when we arrived and the port was filled with boats. This impressed Alixe as she yelled, "bateau" at the sight of them.

We barbecued and put the kids to bed. The sounds of the sea crashing on the beach in the distance lulled them to sleep. I turned in early which is not very common for me but the pull of the ocean sounds was too strong. Now it's 3:44am and everyone is fast sleep. I am awake listening to the ocean and taking in the stars. The sky here is amazing. No city lights, no pollution and no sound but the ocean meeting the beach. I am amazed at how I have learned to tune out the city buzz after all these years living in Paris. The calm of Belle Ile reminds me of Kansas. This is probably why I love this place so much.