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September 29, 2011


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OMG! An elephant in the tea shop! (OK so not quite as bad as one in a china shop, but still....)
I think the last picture sums it all up perfectly.

Aimee - PutYourFlareOn

Doc- coffee machine is back and working! Toilets fixed and now just waiting to see what the oven is going to do. This week has been a week without coffee.... Talk about rough. :)

Kim Anderson

I am so sorry about your toilet, coffee machine & oven. In France, we call it "la loi des séries".
I wholeheartedy thank you for the happiness you've given to us with Ysolda. You're the Best Aimee! I love your Cosy Tea House, your Beautiful Yarns & your Yummy Homemade Cakes & Meals.
Wishing you all the Good News to balance the Bad ones so Life is beautiful for you and your Dear Family:)
Big Hugs & Kisses from Kim

The Bold Soul

Well they say bad news comes in 3's so you had 3 things go wrong and that should be the end of it. And 2 of the 3 are back on track. But reading this story, I could totally feel your frustration, and well justified too. But I also see how much you love what you do, and that makes me so happy for you!

I'm planning to come down one of these days soon, and do some writing at your place. What days do you normally work, so I can time my visit accordingly?

Mary Anne

love you...


Mary Anne


I want to come to Paris and your tea house! I don't even care if you have a toilette, cafe, or an oven -- someday I will come and see your lovely little spot.


Animesh is everywhere... :-)

Jenny looks divine in the brown sweater.

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