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October 19, 2011


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Miss M.

I really love it, it looks good on you this look. Personally I really like short hair most of the time. Too bad, I don't look good with such a look.


It is SO cool. Boy, I wish I had the you-know-whats to go this short again. I've only done it once in my life and pledged to never do it again but your hair is so rad. You're making me think I could rock it again!

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

Your hair looks really great! I love having short hair but my last haircut was just way too short. I'm trying to love it while it grows out a little bit.


That is a rad haircut! Work it because it suits you and with my double cow-licks and frizzy/curly hair I could never pull it off.


I rarely comment but always read but am de-lurking to say: FAB, sexy, cool haircut! It really suits your face.

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