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January 09, 2012


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I'm behind you, Aimee. Go for it. You have wonderful, thick, hair with a very pretty natural color. 34, Pffft. That's young! Grow you hair and style it like a teenager. I, for one, will love it!


Thanks for stopping by my blog via dooce. I love your hair hawked! Looks awesome. I will follow along with yours as well.




Flare, you can DO IT! I remember about 10 years ago when you were getting married, your hair was long, thick and gorgeous! I think it will be the hardest for you when it comes to the summertime. by then it will be touching your neck (maybe?) and you will be tempted to chop it off! If you can get through that, you will make it long in 2012!!!!!


Go for it! There are no rules about age/hair any longer!

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

Definitely go for it. It's just hair, if you don't like how it looks long you can always cut it again later. I've been growing mine out but only because I have no idea what I want to do with it. Having said that, seems as I'm aging I look younger with shorter hair so it's only a matter of time until I chop it. I haven't had hair long enough to put in a real ponytail since I was 11 or 12, though. I don't look good with it pulled back although I really admire that look on other women.

Might be coming out your way later this week. Will SMS you to find out what days you're working (or not).


I've grown my hair out from pixies several times now - the best way to do it is keep getting it trimmed and shaped... Otherwise you end up with the annoying mullet/shag. You can do it!


Your hair looks totally awesome short! It really suits you. But I am also very glad to be joining you in #growingitoutin2012 Yayyy! I blogged about it too and linked back to your blog. Hope you don't mind :O) http://woollyholic.blogspot.com/2012/01/hello-again.html

Also I just want to say how lovely your blog is Aimee. You have gorgeous kids - a beautiful family.

Love Marie (Woollyholic)


hi! i came across your blog while trying to find pixies in transition. i'm also growing my hair out for 2012.. :) started a photoblog on tumblr http://coyotehowell.tumblr.com/ if you would like share tips and compare notes! :) great blog btw..


I'm surprised that you don't like it because you really pull it off. The body in your hair is excellent and really makes the 'do work.

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