Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012.
Back to our routine & #growingitout2012

Growing it out in 2012

I always say it. Ask anyone who knows me I feel like I am perpetually trying to grow my hair out but I feel like I have to do it now or it will be never. I'm 34 years old and have minimal gray hairs going on and I feel like before I do start going gray I want to grow my hair out. Also, I miss putting my hair up ina ponytail and something about brushing Alixe's hair which is now longer than mine makes me want long hair again.

I had some pretty cool hair styles lately and I will miss them for a while... I figure I can go back to them again someday. Remember this:

Yeah... I like it.

Another selfie in an elevator. #elevatorseries #rightnow #sp #selfportrait

Very fun. By far the coolest hair cut I've ever had but now I want something more feminine. I just read on Dooce that she's growing her hair out too and she's going to blog about it. Something about that Mama and her explanation about how breastfeeding felt like the first time (stapler to the nipple) as she fed her daughter Leta really clicked with me. It was like she totally got it and made me feel less crazy as a new mom. I haven't stopped reading her blog ever since. So, here I go... blogging about my hair on my blog. Cheer me on because it's going to take a lot of cheering to keep me going. My hairstylist is located right across the street from my tea house and I see him everyday. Help me be strong in 2012 and grow it out.

This is me today:

Growing it out in 2012.