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January 20, 2012


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Ronica Brownson

I'm at #2, at the moment, but only really want to be around 3. Cute graphic! You look adorable, even with the helmet. It's sort of Jim Bob Duggary, though. (Don't hit me.)

Love you!!!


MAD skillz!! :) Your hair is adorable (although I see the playmobil reference! haa!)


I can't believe all that fit in your car! INCREDIBLE!


You look adorable! I'm fairly certain I want to grow mine out too...but right now I pretty much do have a mullet!! Love the little illustrations...definitely inspiring!

Mam'zelle Hérisson

I'd be happy with #6. Unfortunately, unlike yours, my hair is really thin, so I know it will never look as pretty as on this drawing :-(


That is amazing that you got all of that in the car. French men seem to be born with the ability to pack tiny cars.


It is so tough growing out hair! I have been growing out my short cut for most of 2011 and now i am between 3 and 4 but again not nearly as cute as the picture!!! Love the graphic though! So hard to resist the temptation to get it cut!
Your husband is amazing getting that into the car! I am showing my husband! hehehe
Much love from Kristy in Australia xxx

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

That is amazing to fit all of that in such a tiny car! Way to go.

I'm also growing my hair out this year, or trying to. I am at number three, but my neck isn't nearly as long. LOL I haven't decided how long I want it, but my last haircut was way too short so it needs some length.

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