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April 03, 2012


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So glad to hear she is okay, but how terrifying. My best-friend's little girl has these when she gets a fever and the first time it happened was horrifying for them all.
Sending you and girl lots of hugs.


Aimee, I'm so relieved to hear Alixe recovered fully and you now know what signs to look for if, God forbid, anything like that were ever to happen again. I truly believe your guardian angel was looking out for you and your precious daughter that day and it warms my heart to hear how everyone in the quartier was so supportive. I can't believe how common this can be and if there can be any silver lining to this horrible episode, it's that you've enlightened me and perhaps others on febrile seizures - something I'd never heard of. Big hugs to you and your sweet famille.


Waow! I am really glad that Alixe is OK now. You did an amazing job handling a super scary situation and should be very proud of yourself!


Terrifying. Watching someone, anyone, have a seizure is the weakest feeling in the world, but your sweet little Alixe? Horrifying. I'm glad she's well again - please give her a super squishy hug from me. :(


Oh gosh...how heartbreaking to go through
I'm so glad she is better now
Maybe a baby monitor in her room or mike thing?
What a close call.


i am sorry to think you were so frightened and that she was so ill. sending protective cooling healthy thoughts.


Oh, how terrible for you all. I just thought I would catch up on your blog as haven't been on for a while and never expected this. I am so, so glad everything is alright now, I cried when I read this! I have 3 boys and it is every parents nightmare. You are so terribly brave! Please keep us posted on Alixe xx


If it helps we went through these with all three of my kids and they have all grown into healthy happy tweens and teens. It is the SCARIEST thing in the world to go through though and my heart goes out to you. If they are only febrile seizures though, she will outgrow them by six and she will be fine. Honest. Good luck!


I agree with Leanne above -- we went through this, too, and it was horrifying, but my kids are fine. One thing we learned was that it runs in families - my mom and I both had them, and two of our boys did, too. Their kids (when they have them someday) will also possibly have them. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't happen to Alixe again.


My youngest son had this when he was 2, and I was sure he was going to die in front of my eyes. My pediatrician was superb, trained at UCSF as a neonatalogist, and he said later, slowly and clearly: it's NOT how high the fever goes that triggers these seizures, it's the RAPIDITY of the ascent. He warned me to watch Taylor when he didn't look well, take his temperature, and immediately get him into a tepid bath if it was above normal. Taylor only had one more fever that high, which left me crying to my pediatrician on the phone..who gently reminded me that once the fever gets high, the danger of a seizure is over. I have never in my life been as frightened as I was that day, and my heart goes out to you in pure sympathy.

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