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September 10, 2012


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Cheers, friend! I'm gonna have to try making bagels some time. I do my fair share of baking and a whole lot of cooking but I haven't tested the bread-making waters. I'll let you know when the motivation strikes! ;)


Yeah you are back. I hope you do return to blogging more regularly. I am always sad when a long running blog peters out. I only recently added your blog to my google reader. I had seen it linked a few places here and there but you didn't seem to write much. Recently I've started a new hobby, I guess, of reading long term bloggers, mostly expats, from the beginning to the present. One weekend I was sick, tired of bad tv, and had no books I wanted to read. So I was reading somebody's blog back in about 2004 for and they linked to you. Low and behold it was your old xenga zanga.. whatever blog from way in the past. I really got hooked. I really like the slice of life stuff you used to post. You post what you feel like writing. I hope you just keep posting.


Hey Wonky73- thanks so much! That's so nice of you to write. I got the urge to write again after reading old posts on Xanga. That was sooo long ago. Making blogging a priority again... it's the thing I have missed the most over the last few years. Thanks for your comment. I'll keep blogging... :)

Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

It's funny, I was just thinking about you in the past couple of days and about what a hard time you had with Alixe in the beginning. When I saw some of your recent photos of her, she's grown into such a beautiful little girl, a real little person all her own, and I was wondering how YOU were doing now, if things were better. Well, you just answered that question for me and I'm so happy to know you've come out on the other side of a hectic couple of years. I also know how much you love your family and that it was all worth it in the end. :) Glad you're "back" and I'll probably see you very soon as I am WAY overdue for a trim and touch-up on my hair. Will try for something next week as G's son will be at his mom's after school all week (we're also trying a new routine with the new school year here). Big hugs! xoxo


glad you're back at it, i have been checking faithfully -- you're in my "France" folder -- glad the baking is being photographed and the children and the shop being written of. life in france -- life anywhere! -- always good to see and hear about.


So glad to see you back. I started reading your blog such a long time ago, before children, before the tea house, and when I first started reading it sounded like you where still newly married. Your blog is still inspiring. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I always look forward to reading you blog.

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