Off he goes...
Easy dinners chez nous: Pizza tricouleur.

Getting back to things I love...

Things were pretty hectic there for a while. Being pregnant with Alixe and juggling the tea house and then trying to get through the post partum depression after Alixe's birth, I sort of let go of my blog. I sort of let go of everything I liked to do just so that I could get through the to the next day. Next thing I knew, Alixe is two years old and the fog has lifted. I look back through my blog archives over the last couple years and there are just a handful of blog posts about random things happening in my life. I am grateful for those snippits and it reminds me of a hectic time. I look at my life today and feel better that I am in better place with more energy and motivation. 

I see that a lot of my favorite bloggers have moved one to other projects but I don't feel ready to stop writing here. I've always enjoyed having an outlet to put down my thoughts and know that it will be important to me to share these thoughts with my kids someday. 

I've decided to do something with this blog... I may need to find some help with the design of my blog as I am looking for something new and fresh for PutYourFlareOn. Perhaps I will change the name of my blog... I don't know. I am sure there is a process for all this... I'll figure it out. In the meantime, I've rediscovered my kitchen. We recently (last year) had it renovated and I love working in it again. Not really working, just messing around with new recipes. I've been pinning like crazy at Pinterest recipes that I'd like to try. Lately, it's been bagels. The kids love them. Julien loves them and they are surprisingly very easy to make.  

My second try at bagels. I made whole wheat bagels this time and I am thrilled at how they came out. Bagels & Lox for dinner tonight!

Tonight we will have whole wheat bagels and lox for dinner. Looking forward to that! I love that I had my entire day today to spend with my brother, William who is visiting. We had time to go to lunch at my favorite pho restaurant in my neighborhood and then a little grocery shopping and housework and even time for baking before picking up the kids from school today. 

Kids as in Maximilien and ALIXE (!) are in school now. Blog post with photos coming for sure. This is another reason why I feel like things are falling back into a healthier routine for me. We have fallen back into our daily routine that I have grown to love very much. 

So, here's to la rentrée d'ecole for the kids and my own personal rentrée de vie where I find my way back to lost passions and the little things in life that make me smile.