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September 14, 2012


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Love that you speak English to all the kids! Tu oses :) It's so important, even a little bit. You have beautiful kids (love Alixe's haircut) and I'm so glad that you are all adjusting so well! xo

frances aka materfamilias

Wonderful post! Your photography skills always impresses me -- and I can't believe these two children have materialized and grown to this stage in the years I've been reading your blog. They weren't in the world when I started!


I just love reading about your everyday life in Paris. As the mother of 3 kids similar in age to yours it is so interesting to see the differences in schooling and such. It also doesn't hurt that they are so adorable!


You are so lucky that Alixe, at 2 1/2 years old, loves school already. My 3 year old daughter just started maternelle, and though she was fine the first 2 days, it's all gone downhill from there! I have officially become THE mother at school whose kid clings to my leg at school drop off and cries her heart out. I hope that like Alixe, my daughter will soon come to me with stories about school and not tears and cries of "NO MORE SCHOOL MOMMY NO MORE SCHOOL"!


I love that bottom photo of Max & Alixe. Alixe looking at Max like that is so precious. You have very beautiful children, Aimee. (As if they'd be anything less- look at their parents!)

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