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September 27, 2012


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So interesting! My brother and I are both write with our right hand, but we both play sports left-handed. And while I can't write very well with my left-hand, I am pretty at ease using it for a lot of things - for example, if I spent too much time on the computer clicking, I get pain in my right hand so I just switch my right-handed mouse over to my left-hand and continue on. I tell myself it's good exercise for my brain. ;)

Kim - formerly of 'a kiwi in France'

I write with my right-hand but eat, play sport and the guitar left-handed. I wish I could use both! Maybe at a young age you can nurture them to use both.

Lisa a.k.a. The Bold Soul

I was always clearly a rightie but my sister was ambidexterous as a kid, and then the school kind of forced her to write with her right hand and her handwriting has always been atrocious. We think it was an adapted behavior and maybe she would eventually have been a leftie for writing. But now we'll never know. Do some schools still force kids to be right-handed, I wonder? I'm sure that's discouraged nowadays (since people gave up the antiquated notion that left-handed people are "evil" in some way--how ridiculous!) but the lefties of the world are in the minority. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handedness I think Max will sort out a preference before too long. Glad he's enjoying tennis. The Little Guy discovered it this summer when we put him in a 2-week stage while on vacation and turns out he's actually fairly good at it, so we've got him signed up for a year-long program and he ADORES it. :)

Daisy de Plume

Following on with Sam's train of thought (har!) I suppose which hand we use is largely driven with the side of the brain we use. Storsh, my little one who's only a toddler, is very clearly a right handed monster, picking things up, handing, pointing at things automatically with his right hand/finger.

Does Max have a friend named Appoline? Storsh does and I adore both her and her name.


Daisy- Maximilien and Alixe have a cousin named Appoline! Max was drawing her a card for her baptism. :) I love the name too. So sweet.


Hi Aimee,
Just wanted to tell you that I saw your tea salon on House Hunters International lastnight! was very exciting to see!
All the best,

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