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January 10, 2013


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Loulou in France

Have fun with your 17 days and Happy New Year! Here's to comfortable, great fitting jeans!


Well I am pregnant so no diet for me! But, I was doing well on weight watchers before I found out I was pregnant... I've also only gained 2 or 3 kilos and am at 22 weeks, so hopefully it won't be too hard to drop it all off after!

I have really made any resolutions this year either, but I saw an idea floating around that I really liked about picking one word as a 'theme' for the year. I've been thinking a lot about that, and trying to pick something to concentrate on this year... Maybe 'joy', or 'happiness', or 'peace' or whatever it may end up being!

Good luck to you!


I'd love to hear more!


Id love to hear more too... I find it impossible to stay motivated and somehow paying someone to do it makes me resentful!


Longtime reader, I recently posted to you on twitter...this post struck me because I have a "secret group" on Facebook for the very same thing! We did it for a few months in the spring/summer and it worked well for me. Each week we posted our weight loss (or gain!) on the same day and it helped me, knowing I had to report in. I also posted my goal loss at the beginning - it helped to have a realistic goal to strive for (I wanted to lose 15, I lost 10). We started the group up again, as the post-holiday reality set in. Good luck to you - if you can tough it out for a week or two, you may get into a groove that won't make it feel so challenging!

Pattoo (Patty)


comment ça va, tu tiens toujours le coup ?
j'ai acheté le livre des 17 jours, mais j'ai du mal à m'y mettre pour de vrai, il faut que je me bouge un peu ;)

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