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January 2013

17 days later...

I finished the first cycle of the 17 day diet yesterday. I had some good results after just five days of being on the diet. I lost 1.5kgs even cheating once on the fourth day which I warn anyone doing this diet is supposed to be the hard day because your body is really craving the sugar. I told myself I wouldn't weigh myself again until the end of the cycle which lasts 17 days. Right, the name of the diet... easy to follow along, right? I weighed myself this morning before eating breakfast and I was down 5kgs from my starting weight! 11 lbs... this is incredible weight loss for me considering I haven't done much to recover myself after having Maximilien and Alixe. 

Most of the weight came off my thighs and hips. My belly area has a lot of work ahead of itself... sooner or later I may have to reconcile myself that I will have a flabby belly forever. Two ten pound babies will do that to you, I guess. But the extra puffin top on my hips is gone! My jeans are loose and I sinched my belt one notch smaller today. 

Started Couch to 5k today...

To coincide with the beginning of Cycle 2, I decided to start the Couch to 5k program. A bunch of knitters I follow on Twitter are about two weeks ahead of me and it's been motivating to see their progress. Also some good friends of mine have been running for a while and I want to run with them too. But most importantly, I actually feel like I have enough energy to go out and run. The first cycle of this diet really help to energize my body. I have been sleeping better where as I would always wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and now I find myself sleeping all the way through the night. No more food coma feeling after dinner for the last two weeks either. 

The first day of the couch to 5k program consists of a five minute warm up which I did by briskly walking around the park and pumping my arms to get the blood circulating and then 9 sets of running for 90 seconds and then walking for 60 seconds. When the time was up I felt like I could keep going.  I thought I had a pretty decent pace of running 3.4kms in 7:34 seconds. Tomorrow is a rest day which is good because my legs are feeling pretty tired right now and I'll get out there Saturday morning for day two of C5K. 

New Haircut in Paris

Also, I got my hair cut today and it feels great. I went back to short hair again... it's just a better style for me and it really fits in with my personality. 


17 jours...

I think this is the first year since I've had this blog that I haven't written about my New Year's resolution. I just decided that I wouldn't pick one. Instead one kind just found it's way to me. Weeks ago, friends and I were chatting via Facebook about joining a virtual boot camp to get in shape. I don't take orders well from people in real life so taking orders from someone virtually sounded absurd and it also cost money. We were all shaking our heads and then somehow decided to create our own group and motivate each other. I gotta say it's been a really awesome thing. We are all around the same age and have the same problem... the extra pounds we carry around with us all the time. I threw out the idea of the 17 day diet. I had a close friend who has had some pretty significant success on this diet and it was super motivating to me. Turns out the other girls were on board too. Two clicks later we have our private group going and we cheer each other on everyday. I just ended day three and I have to say it's been a hard couple days. The first day was easy because I was all gun ho about it. I even skipped breakfast which kinda came back to bit me in the butt around 11am I was SO hungry. But I soldiered on and here I have ended day 3 of 17. No where am I even feeling like this is going to work for me. My sister (who is doing this diet with us) and I were skyping and I think we feel the same that we are pessimistic about the weight loss. Though one of the girls in the group posted that she lost 3kgs. That's amazing. I know if i lost just that my jeans would fit much better. Hearing her news motivates me... so I am keeping at it. 

Being a part of this group doing this diet together really makes me realize I love being with people even though I don't see these ladies everyday and we don't really live all that close together but the feeling of community is there. I've missed it and found it again and I am grateful for that. 

So, here is to me dropping some pounds in 2013... I don't have a fixed goal in mind. I'd like my jeans to fit more comfortably and my face to look less round. I'd like to keep my boobs but those tend to be the first things to go, right? Anyone else jumping on the 17 day diet bandwagon? Let me know, I'll come cheer you on. :)

It's a new year...

So let's talk about the end of 2012 for a bit...

Besides I'm sick and there isn't really anything interesting happening right now. We had a pretty mellow evening with friends and our kids. Ate a lot and slept in the next day. The rest of 2013 has been spent in our PJs and hibernating during the last days of the vacances scolaires before going back to regular life next week. 

In the midst of all the excitement for the end of 2012 I forgot to share Maximilien's letter to santa this year. He is particularly excited about Christmas this year. He truly believes in Santa and Julien and I are helping keep this belief alive. Who knows what will happen next year when he starts CP. 

Maximilien's letter to Santa.

He is learning cursive writing this year in grande section. He loves writing and takes every opportunity to write and practice his penmanship. He is pretty proud that he has the longest name in his class this year but is finding it hard to fit his entire name on the small lines they give to write on when he has to write his name on his class work. He definitely goes by Maximilien these days only his family can call him Max. 

We spent Christmas eve with Julien's mother in Nanterre. It was nice to see Julien's brothers again and the kids really enjoy their uncles though they are consistently mixing up their names, Benjamin and Lorin. After a while it was a huge joke and they were doing it on purpose. 

Nöel 2012

It really struck me this year how big Alixe is getting. Last year at Christmas we had put her to bed early because she was too tired to stay up late to open presents on Christmas Eve. But this year she was partying with us all the way until midnight and beyond...

Nöel 2012

I am realizing that there aren't any babies in my house anymore. I sort of find myself fantisizing about having another baby. There aren't any other children in Julien's family for the moment and when they come Alixe and Maximilien will be much older. I am grateful for friends who have kids the same age as Max and Alixe. I hope we will be able to get together more often this year. 

Nöel 2012

These two are so fun together and sometimes they are a real pain. They fight and they make up and in all honesty, I can't imagine it any other way. It's nice to hear from a friend that her kids act the same way. Alixe has really grown up a lot this year. She started talking up a storm once school started and it's really helped with her temperament. Maximilien is still my sweet boy. The after school assistants at school have told me that over the last three years they have seen a wonderful transistion from each school year and they think he's a joy to be around. Warms my heart. 

After spending Christmas eve and Christmas day in Paris we piled into my brother in law's car and drove to Pontarlier to visit Julien's father. We had a feast of oysters (which I don't eat) and foie gras and I went to bed with a full stomach and then got up and took the train back to Paris to work on something fun with a friend visiting from Montréal. I was sad to leave Julien and the kids but glad to be off working on my own on something other than tea house business for once. It's nice to change it up a little...

on the train in Paris

Julien snapped this through the window of the TGV from Frasne to Paris. Now that I have longer hair I can wear hats again!