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August 05, 2013


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Lisa, a.k.a. The Bold Soul

I feel for you because this is going to last a LONG time, most likely. G's youngest was just 6 when I met him and I wanted to bring a little gift, and G suggest a pack of Pokemon cards. The boy was delighted (I actually brought 2 because I thought 1 looked like a pretty stingy gift. He finally decided he was ready to unload all of them (some 700+ I think) at the vide-grenier before we moved last year, because he was more interested in having the cash and he hadn't played with them for about a year prior. So figure until the age of 9 or 10 at least, this will be going on.

If you have family coming from the US and they want to really impress the kids, they can bring them some AMERICAN Pokemon cards. Our kid used to love it when I did that because none of his friends had those exact ones, and it didn't even matter that he didn't read English at that point. It was just the fact of having something no one else had. Inexpensive, easy gift that goes a long way.

The other day the boy found a Pokemon folio, about the size of a BD book, with a few of his "special" cards in it. He was going to sell them (I don't know how or where he plans to do this) but after vacation I will ask him if he'd like to donate them to your kids, since he knows you and you've made him some righteous cookies in the past. ;)

Anyway the obsession is a bit annoying for us adults but the kids really just like collecting cards, even if they don't really know the rules or how to play properly. I never did learn to play the game with him but I tried to show some interest when he was excited. Are your kids watching the TV shows too? That's another part of it all. What a marketing racket -- but it worked. I think my nephew was playing with Pokemon cards as a boy, and he's 25 and married now; can't believe the trend has lasted that long. Then if they outgrow Pokemon, there are Yugioh and Magic cards next, although our kid never got into Magic at all and only into Yugioh a little bit. Now it's all video games these days.

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