A color to make you smile
To Shetland and back...

Goodbye, my friend.



I lost a wonderful, dear friend to cancer this week. The shock still consumes me. My heart is broken.

Lisa Taylor Huff and I met virtually through our expat blogs. I had moved to France because I fell in love and married a Frenchman and then we decided to move to France. I spoke the language, had lived here before and it made sense. I thought that was hard.

Lisa quit her job and sold all her belongings and move to France where she didn’t know anyone and didn’t speak the language.  She made that look easy. That is true courage.  A true BOLD SOUL.

As expat bloggers living in Paris at the time it was wonderful to read each other’s perspectives on life. One day we met in person and hit it off. I met Lisa at a transitional time in my life. My mother had just passed away and I was pregnant with my first child. Lisa was in the process of making her dream come true: She was moving to Paris.

Lisa was my quintessential go to person for advice. We would meet for lunch and chat over boys, life, love and everything else in between. I remember fondly meals shared when she started dating Georges and how giggly and happy she was.  Lisa was the most positive person I knew. She always knew what to say for every problem I had. I have years and years of precious messages on my blog, choc full of advice and support. She was always there. Always writing.

Lisa (and Georges) was there when I found my cafe back in late 2007. It was the moment that my dream started to come true. By then Lisa had already made her Paris dream come true and the cerise on the gateau was that she had just met Georges. Lisa was my first customer the day I opened L'Oisivethé. She had a yogi chai tea, lunch and stayed and wrote for a few hours. The pink table by the window was her table at the teahouse.

Lisa was the first to come visit me at home after my babies were born. She was always the first to offer up help when needed.

Lisa was one of the most gracious and kind people I’ve ever met, she always made you feel like you were important. She cared about you. She was passionate about making life the most it could be. She fought for what she believed in. She cared about Paris so much that she got those damn Love Locks off of the Pont des Arts bridge.

Lisa was The Bold Soul. Her blog name reflected perfectly her personality. Though soft spoken, she had a wonderfully bold personality that was if anything remarkable.

I will miss you immensely, Lisa.  But I will take a page from your book and keep chasing after my dreams just like you did.

Some people talk about their dreams. Lisa, LIVED her dream.

Lisa inspired me in life and I will celebrate her everyday for the rest of mine.

Goodbye, my friend.