Bye, Bye Booty! Feed

After three days of semi-jogging, some yoga, lots of stretching and meals with cabbage in them...

My jeans feel loose. My rings spin freely. And I feel tired yet energized. 

Verdict: I think this working out and eating better thing is going to actually work.  Maybe for now it is only in my head but for me it's gotta be in the head first for it to work. And you know what else? My hair even feels longer but I don't think that has anything to do with working out. But it could quite possibly be the cabbage.

Living in a foreign country...

After you live abroad for a while you start to realize it really isn't that big of a deal if you know every word in the foreign language you are speaking.  I remember my French teacher in high school saying to us that it isn't always important to know the all the words but to be able to explain yourself clearly (Merci, M. Brown!) . I can attest that I use this piece of advice everyday.

I headed to Go Sports today in search of a podometer.  Even in English I didn't know the word was for this thing. Why? No idea. Anyway,  I walked around with the sales guy from Go Sports explaining what I was looking for. It's a thing that counts your steps, you attach it.... blah, blah, blah....  And after searching the entire store he finally found one for me.  With a huge sigh of annoyance he handed it over and then he pursed his lips and looked at me kind sideways and asked how I could speak French so well but didn't know the word for a podometer? I just smiled. And then he added, now you know the word and you can ask for it directly without giving me dissertation on what a podometer does*. Ah, Mr. Brown... you would be so proud of me.

*please note that even if I knew the word, I'd still get the annoying sigh from the sales guy. I annoy them, they annoy me, this is French customer service at its best!

I used to be so focused...

I'm sitting here drinking my morning coffee. Yogurt and clementines for breakfast. I am making an effort to lose some of the extra poundage. Eating better and eating less will definitely help but I need to get outside and pound the pavement and sweat to make a real difference.

But I sit here. Still in my jammies. Maximilien is dressed. Playing with contents from my husband's bordel drawer and singing me a song. He's in a good mood. It would be just fine for us to go out and get in the stroller and go for a run. But I am still sitting here. In my jammies. Not moving.

Where did my motivation go? Why have I become so freakin' lazy? I just keep putting it off. Procrastination. Oh, how I hate you right now.

If you have a faint heart you may want to stop reading right now....


I got dressed to illustrate my point. Meet Le Muffin Maximus. Front view, clothed, it's not that bad. The jeans are new. Straight leg from the Gap. I love them. Legs feel great to me. Could do some toning of the inner thighs but don't we all need to do that. Again, jogging will get that done for me in no time. Please note the uber cute baby. He is utterly amused with Mama's muffin. He blows zerberts on it. Which is not as amusing for me.

Behold Le Muffin Maximus. When I showed it to my sister she said that running will get rid of it. "It's not supposed to be there" , and she pointed to it. Le Muffin Maximus.  Note my unamused face. And yes, I have crazy bed head.


So, I am putting it all out there for everyone on the Internets to see. I hope this will be the motivation for me to get off my ass and get out there and run. Now just waiting for the baby to wake up from his morning nap. I'm off to change into my work out clothes. Muffin Maximus, you are on my list. My shit list. I am going to kick your ass.

Running Redux

In an attempt to shed the ever present baby weight, I am bringing running back into my life again.  Now that Max has been out of my body for over nine months now and I think it's kinda silly of me to say that I am still carrying around baby weight. I've had nine months to lose the weight just as I had nine months to put it. I spend those first nine months of his life being pretty athletically lazy, I must admit. The extend of my exercising was taking Max for walks and these were very leisurely strolls of the parks around our apt. For me to lose weight, I have to break a major sweat. Hence, bringing the running back into my life again. When running was an important part of my life I looked and felt much better. To help me get back on the running track I bought myself a dandy new jogging stroller while I was home. I got myself fitted for some super comfy running shoes at the Running Store in Kansas City. I got a new all encompassing sports bra to keep my bosoms under control. Now I just need to kick the triple sickness I am dealing with right now and I'll hit the cobblestones of Paris running. My goal? I want to hit size 10. In the photo I linked above I am a size 8. That photo was taken 8 years ago. I don't want to set the bar too high. I have 4 pant sizes to lose and I am giving myself one year to do it right. And I am going to track my progress on my blog (see new category) so you must hold me accountable.  Now I just need to find my iPod sync cord and make myself a new play list for breaking in the new jogging stroller. Any song suggestions?