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On the way to the market today...

I overheard several people talking about Les Soldes. It's the time of year again apparently and I had no idea the sales had started again except hearing my fruit and veggie guy saying that he got a great pair of trainers this morning before arriving to work.  Even our nanny was a few minutes late meeting Max and I as she had made a quick trip over to the mall in china town to check out what was soldé

I have to admit that I do enjoy shopping at this time because things are actually reasonably priced for once. I will make a few trips to my favorite French brand shops like Comptoir des Cotonniers and Zadig et Voltaire to see what treasures I may find. Even places like Monoprix have really great items on sale, looking for another pair of Bensimon shoes? I may stop in and get that second pair of mary janes but in white this time. On verra...

I'll let you in on a little secret... the Printemps at Italie 2 has a little bit of everything on sale. In past years I have found amazing sales on jackets and shoes. My favorite jacket today is this lovely army green fitted ditty that I picked up a couple years ago from Comptoir des Cotonniers. I am hoping to find myself something as lovely this year... new shops on my radar? Petit Bateau. I have fallenl in love with their été tees. They are so light and flowy and just the right fit.

But for now... I am sure I will spend the day talking about Les Soldes with my customers and hoping to close up in time to have a peek on the way home tonight. I'll let you know what I find...

My new addiction

Project Catwalk

Every week I get my dose of Project Runway watching the weekly creations go down the runway, inspiring me to create and I get my happy dose of melodrama that is reality tv.  So, while searching for this week's episode of PR, I found that the UK has their version of PR called Project Catwalk. And I'm addicted.  There's something about watching catty designers lash it in their British accents. Love it!

We've recently gotten rid of our cable, saves us 70 euros a month and have turned to buying movies and watching Internet tv.  My husband is really into Prison Break and often we'll be side by side at our computers watching our respective tv shows, eating dinner and just being together.  Ah, technology...

It's almost that time of the year again...

Les Soldes! 

If you were to ever travel to France for the shopping this would be the time to come.  July 5th through August 15th.  For a little history pop on over to Mrs. B's bloggie.   Be ready for it to be hot. Forget about there being AC at les grands magasins like Gallerie Lafayette or Printemps.  And be ready to be ruthless because everyone will be out with one thing on their minds: bargin shopping. I'm talking the first week you might see sales up to 40% off and near the end of les soldes there will be items marked down as much as 70% off.  I've known colleagues to take the day off for the first day of les soldes just so that they'd have the pick of the best things.  I'm not that dedicated to shopping to do that.  Every year since I've moved to Paris, I've picked out one thing that I need (or so I have convinced myself).  This year, I've got my heart set on a new wallet. Currently my wallet has too many things sticking out of the top of it because it's too short to house my over sized  French driver's license and my carte de resident. The wallet is from Brontibay.  It's pink and totally girly.  Something inside of me is saying; must. have. it. But only if it's on sale... :) I might budge on the pink. On verra...

Screenshot_3 Screenshot2_1

So, things that I will not shop for during les soldes? Bras. Bras, and Bras. I'm still very traumatized from the last time I tried to buy bras during les soldes.  The French sales women have a very uncanny touch sensory for realizing your bras size that just too weird for me.  Victoria Secret ships internationally. I'll pay for the extra shipping, thank you.

Am I destin to go barefoot?

The second pair of shoes to fail me in one month! And these babies are brand new...
If you peek closely at the picture you can see right where the thong portion of my shoe that attaches to the sole is ripping. I have a feeling I'm going to have a shoe episode on the way home tonight and will end up barefoot in Paris. Oh god, the horror.  I'm heading straight to Gallery Lafayette after to work to remedy this problem!

I never realized that my big toe looks kind of like a thumb.  Does anyone really have pretty feet?

  Am I destin to go barefoot? 
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Turquoise Bangle Loveliness

Turquoise bangle loveliness
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Brought back to me by a lovely colleague of mine after her recent travels to India.  And yes, she's Korean. Koreans can be lovely. :) (Sorry, having a culture clash day at the office but that's another blog entry in itself today it's all about the bracelets...)

I rarely, ok... up until today have never posted about fashion. It's not my job, it's hers! But I had to post about these. They are turquoise. Shiny. Ethnic. Are they in? You be the judge.

Did I tell you that they B A N G L E?

Btw, tourquoise is my fetish color for the summer.

Could it get any better than that?