Where in Paris am I? Feed

Où suis-je?


Had a very special shopping trip to do today to prepare for my MIL's retirement party. I don't go over to this part of Paris very often unless I go to this one shop that makes me think of Audrey Hepburn and the scene in the movie where she's gazing through the window like a child looking through the window of a candy shop. Though this shop in Paris isn't as beautiful as the original in New York City, they do make you feel very special when you go shopping there and always have the AC cranked to my liking perfect for today's sweltering temperatures! I've probably given away too much but this is an easy photo for you to guess at. So, where in Paris am I?

Breaking the seal...

of silence.

I know. I've been a bad, bad blogger. I feel it too. I miss my blog. I miss writing my thoughts down. I have so much to write and I promise to get to it all very, very soon.

The tea house is a year old now! I can't believe that I just typed that. To celebrate we have decided to close on Mondays. We said we'd done one year of being open seven days a week and our analysis of the year says that Monday is the day to close. 'Tis so very French of us too... =)

And in an effort to get out and walk to parts of Paris that I haven't walked to before or in a very long time I am starting a new category on my blog called "Where in Paris am I?". I will post a photo on my blog (hopefully once a week) of a place I am in Paris and have you my readers guess where I am?

Where in Paris am I?

For a bigger image click here. Good luck and I'll post a hint if you need it... :)

Consider the blogging silence broken...