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A full time working Mama of two, who owns her own tea house and yarn shop in Paris, France. Expat, Knitter, Baker, tea sipping bike riding Mama.


Hi. My name is Aimee aka. MamaFlare and I am mama to Maximilien & Alixe. Wife to Julien.

I'm a mama who blogs about everyday life in Paris, France.

In May 1995 when I was 18 years old, I wrote in my highschool year book that in 10 years time I would be living in Paris, France. Fast forward to September 2000, fresh graduate with a degree in French from the University of Kansas, I decided to move to France to teach English. Little did I know that I'd find the love of my life sitting behind one of the desks in my classroom. Class ended, love ensued. The fairytale wedding in March 2002. In May 2003, I moved to Paris. In March 2007, we welcomed our son, Maximilien, into this world. April 2008, I opened my tea house, L'OisiveThé, where I spend my days. In 2009, our lovely daughter, Alixe was born. Years have passed and I still find myself coming back to my blog. I am an on again, off again blogger... now in 2015, I am on again. Thanks for reading.

Contact: putyourflareon (at) gmail (dot) com